Iron Infusions

Are you feeling tired and lethargic regularly?

Anaemia could be the culprit, leading to symptoms like poor focus, dizziness, and a sense of feeling light-headed.

While inadequate nutrition is often to blame for low iron levels, it’s crucial to investigate other potential underlying factors.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment at our clinic to delve into your iron levels and uncover possible causes.

Here at our clinic, we’re well-versed in iron infusions, a process that delivers iron directly into your bloodstream when oral supplements do not do the trick or cause discomfort.

You might need an iron infusion if:

  • Your ferritin level is critically low (<10)
  • Oral iron supplements don’t agree with you
  • You have a malabsorption syndrome

While the iron infusion itself usually takes about 20 minutes, we recommend setting aside an hour for the whole process, which includes preparation and post-infusion monitoring.